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Oral hygiene

Proper maintenance of the oral hygiene is considered to be the essence in the prevention of mouth and teeth illness. With the teeth brushing, the food remainings and the plague are removed, if we want to avoid caries creating and para dental illness. In order to have the teeth properly brushed, we need appropriate tool [...]


With endodontics therapy (curing the channel of the tooth) we can preserve the tooth and the teeth line, and with appropriate materials, we can achieve functionality and aesthetics in the hard teeth tissue recovery. Inside the crown and the tooth root there is a pulp, nerve vascular system known as a nerve. It can become [...]


Parodontopathy is illness that attacks the support teeth apparatus, the tissues where the teeth roots are placed and that fix the teeth in the jaw. The illness is progressive, destructive and leads towards final loss of one or more teeth, as the prevention of the teeth falling down in the later stage of the illness [...]

Dental prosthetics

The teeth that have been extracted due to caries complications, parodentopathy or have been lost due to injury in the facial area and the jaw can be recovered with  dental prosthetics. Depending on the situation, we can create fixed and mobile prosthetic works in the mouth. The fixed dental prosthetics work can be separate Crowns [...]