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Dental office Moja zubarka (My Dentist)

dr Sanja Stankovic Micic

dr Sanja Stankovic Micic

The Dental office “Moja zubarka” (My Dentist) was opened on 10 November 2011. It is located in the center of Nish, within Dushans Bazaar, Tower, second floor, office 213. The cozy atmosphere and the dentist with extensive experience will make your visit pleasant and painless, and you will leave the office with a smile.
The owner of the office dr Sanja Stanković Micic has graduated at the Stomatology Faculty in Nish, Serbia, as third student in her generation, with average mark 9.7 ( 10 being the highest). During the studies she was a presenter and on several occasions has been awarded as a student of the generation. The fact that she won the scholarship from the Foundation for young talents, just proves her quality. Upon graduation, she was working, several years in a private dental office in Leskovac, Serbia when she decided to open her own dental practice.

Dental office “My dentist” and owner dr Sanja strive for the perfection. Manny clients have whiter and healthier  smile thanks to knowledge and skill of DMD Sanja Stanković-Mičić.