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Dental Service Price List

Here you can find our dental service price list. Let your smile shine! It is not true that if your tooth hurts, your valet has to hurt too. In our office you will get top services under convenient prices. Come and see for yourself. All prices are shown in Serbian Dinars (RSD). You can check today’s exchange rate HERE

Service Price (RSD)
One layer filling 1000
Two layer fillings 1200
Three layers filling 1500
Teeth extraction 1000
Complicated teeth extraction 1500
Medication application 500
Deep caries treatment 700
Temporary filling of one root tooth 600
Temporary filling of two roots tooth 700
Temporary filling of three roots tooth 800
Final filling of one rooth tooth 1000
Final filling of two roots tooth 1200
Final filling of three roots tooth 1500
Tooth upgrading 1700
Tooth upgrading with spike 2200
Dental plague extraction 600
Teeth polishing 600
Teeth sending 1500
Pocket curing 500
Filling of a baby tooth 600
Extraction of a baby tooth 600
Examination 500