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Sights in Nish

The city of Nish (Roman name – Naissus) is on the crossroad between Europe and the Middle East, representing the gate between the East and the West. There are numerous historical sights from different historical eras, worth seeing.
Mediana is luxurious imperial property, built in the IVth century, during the rule of the Tzar Constantine the Great (lat. Gaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus), born in the Roman Naissus in 274 AD. He is an important historical figure in Nish and worldwide, known as a ruler and a wise commander, big visionary and spreader of Christianity. In his visions and dreams, he saw the”labarum” or “Christ monograms” saying, “Under this sign you will win,” (In hoc singno vinces) and this led him fight numerous battles, as well as winning over the outnumbered enemies. He patronized the adoption on the religious act, known as “Edict of Milan”, in 313. AD, which helped the Christianity become one of most widely expanded religious.

Mediana (Nish) Serbia

Medjana (Nish) Serbia

The royal villa on Medijana has surface of over 6,000 square meters decorated in lavishing mosaics, beautiful frescos, thermal spas and crops’ fields, all spread all over the 40 hectares of nicely decorated parks and forests. Most of the mosaics are with geometric and floral motives, whereas two of them are with floral motives of the head of the Medusa and the half-laying figure of the river-water God, supposed to be Neptune. Medijana is an extraordinary synthesis of light, water, art and nature. This feeling for space, light and water is typical for the Roman villas outside the cities, like the most beautiful Hadrian villa, in Tivoli, close to Rome. The Romans from upper classes loved the nature, had a habit of building houses outside the cities, and enjoyed wine making and agriculture. They had particular gift of arranging the gardens and the water, and no one before them or after them, developed that sophisticated feeling towards building aqueduct, thermal spas or wonderful pipes and fountains. Therme Medijana are worthy of royal visitors, as they used to have cold bathroom (frigidarijum), mild bathroom (tepidarijum), warm bathroom (kaldarijum), and dressing rooms, massage areas and extraordinary floor heating.

Nish Fortress

Nish Fortress

The Fortress of Nish, built 2000 years ago, has an abundance of artifices, from these days. The Roman historian from VIth century, Amilijan Marcelin, wrote about the Nish Fortress that “in spite being several times under siege, it was never conquered, nor capitulated”. The Roman fortress was most likely built in the middle of the second century. It is one of the most beautiful buildings with Turkish military architecture located in the middle of the Balkans. It has been destroyed and renewed several times by the Byzantines, Slavs, Bulgarians and Serbs. At the end of the XIIth century, it was briefly under ownership of Stefan Nemanja, the great landowner in Serbia,  who hosted the Imperator of the Roman Empire, Fridrih and Barbosa in 1183, upon the pilgrimage towards the Holly country.
The Turks have conquered the Fortress in 1427. In the beginning of the XVIIIth century, the old fortress was completely thorn down, and a new, stronger fortification was built by the concept of the famous Marshal Sebastijan de Boban. This monumental complex was built from massive stone blocks. Five gates, among which the Stambolic one, are the most representative part, together with the additional facilities, all composing the Nish Fortress experience. Inside the Fortress there is one of the oldest hamams (public bathroom) from 1498. Its final construction was finalised in 1723, by the Turks, when they actually ended its ruling on this territory. What is interesting to mention, is the fact that more then 40 stone craves from Constantinople and about 400 construction workers from Nish were engaged in its building. The fortress occupies 22 ha, the walls are 2100 m long, 8 m high, with an average width of 3 m. From outside, the channels are filled with water surrounding the fortress, preserved even today.

Scull Tower

Scull Tower

Close to Nish Fortress, on the road to Nish spa, there is a unique monument on the cruel revenge of the Turkish conquerors in 1809, when they built a terrifying tower, built of stone, mortar and human skulls. The skulls are from the Serbian rebels that died in the Chegar fight on 31st May 1809, that under the order of the Hurshid Pasha from Nish, built this monstrous monument. When traveling through Serbia, Alfons de Lamartin, wrote: ” Let the Serbian keep this monument! It will teach their children, what is the cost of independence of one nation, showing them the price their fathers paid.”
Sicevo Gorge is an amazing part of the canyon of the Nishava River, located on the road to Sofia, at the end of the Svrljig Mountains and Suva Mountain. It is 14 km from Nish, its length is 17 km and it is divided in two parts, upper and lower canyon. Due to the many natural beauties and rare plants that grow here, Sicevo Canyon was proclaimed as special nature treasure in 2000.
Sage, extremely valuable and healing plant that grows only in Mediterranean conditions grows in Sicevo canyon. The sport lovers can enjoy mountain climbing, walks in the nature, fishing, rafting (in 2009 Nish has hosted the World Competition in Rafting), as well as paragliding.Cerjana Cave is 14 km from Nish and it is located in the wider area of the Kamichki Vis picnic area. The entrance in the Cherjane Cave is in an insight location of the Provalija River, at 515 m height. The geologists estimate that the Cherjane Cave was created more then 2 million years ago.

More information about the tourism attractions of Nish and its surrounding, can be found at the official web page of the Tourism organization of Nish.(
Nish is more then historical monuments and pleasan nature. It is a city of boems, people who like to enjoy life. People get most relaxed with thier friends in a tavern and Nish can be proud of the numerous taverns, ethno houses and restaurants located all over the city.
As a photograph speaks stronger than a thousand words, the clip below can give you an insight, what can be seen in Nish:

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